The Full Monty - Canal

The Full Monty Film Locations

We thought it would be kind of fun to track down as many Full Monty film locations as we could and to snap a few pictures of how the same places looked in 2007.

Not only that but we also thought it would be fun to play around with the results and to see what the film would look like if they filmed it again but didn't alter the current look locations !

You'll see what we mean in the pictures below..


The Full Monty - Canal

The Full Monty - Canal 2

The Full Monty Canal 3

 Hunting the first film location for The Full Monty was easy. We set off for the canal in Sheffield down in a place called Attercliffe and went straight to Bacon Lane where we knew these shots had been filmed for the movie.

Giveaway markers here are the big metal stumps on the right hand side where canal barges tie up when they used to stop here. The Sheffield steel factories have inevitably changed over the years but the main buildings are still recognisable (not sure how long for though) and you can see where the opening scene of the movie takes place as the trio of characters look to get across the canal with their stolen steel bar.

If you want to see this place for yourself simply head to Bacon Lane and the bridge over the canal where you will see steps leading down to where The Full Monty film crew filmed these shots.